Fairy Loot Box#5


Här kommer en sen Fairy loot Box unboxing för juni. 🙂 Enjoy

Det boxen innehöll var:

A Stormheart Candle: There were 5 different candles sent out and I got the Twister one. No idea what the scent is but it is super strong. This is by @witchwoodremedies
⚡️Bending Lipbalms: An awesome Last Airbender inspired candle by @geekyclean and you could have got one of the four elements, I got Fire.
⚡️Hamsa Hand Bracelet: This bracelet is a protective symbol, said to bring the wearer happiness, luck, health and good fortune and was designed by @inthemomentukjewellery
⚡️Clairvoyance Soap: This soap smells AMAZING and I am really looking forward to using it. This is by @ascent_bath_and_body
⚡️Potion Sticky Notes: This were an exclusive by @fairyloot and I love them.
⚡️Portable Magic Pillowcase: This absolutely gorgeous pillowcase is designed by @MissPhi and I love it.
⚡️Roar by Cora Cormack: So excited to read this book, it sounds amazing. It also came with a letter from Cora herself and a signed bookplate.

I liked this box as well, i really recommend you to try one of these boxes. You always get a book and a signed bookplate by the author including a letter from the author.


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