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Cover reveal of Kingdom of Ash


Som ni ser så har omslaget för Kingdom of Ash kommit🙈😱

Visst är det riktigt badass?! Älskar det, vilket omslag föredrar ni? UK eller USA? Jag har alltid gillat UK bättre, vet inte varför men gillar lixsom elden i bakgrunden o sen att bokstäverna är guuld😍

Detta skrev jag på instagram:

Ookay let’s talk bout the cover of KINGDOM OF ASH!!😍🙈 i really like it, it’s gonna fit with the rest of the books. Ugh i can’t handle this, shes so badass, that woman and to think that she’s in a coffin… being whiped and tortured like never before and nobody knows where she is😭😭

Btw, i just wonder why Aelin aka Celeana is soooooo PALE on the covers when she’s described to have tanned skin…??? Whut?! Do you prefer the USA or the UK cover? I like the UK more actually, i fucking neeed it right now!! I have waited and waited for this book since EOS got released

Thoughts on this?

/ Siri

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